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The Kite (poem)

Languishing atop the wardrobe the kite dreamed Of breezy, balmy days Its painted eyes gazing fixedly at the sun Watching the clouds racing ever westward In their formless, fluid beauty Weaving ever-changing patterns in the haze. Its wings dipping, soaring … Continue reading

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​As I marvel at the Winter Triangle of stars The ruddy light of Betelgeuse shines redly As Procyon and Sirius cavort and leap.. The majesty and mystery an endless canopy Space dust..supernova and white giants Hurtling at unimaginable speeds Strange … Continue reading

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I Don’t Love You (poem)

For Reece,  my muse. ’nuff said. Marie   I love the colour blue But I don’t love you I love the smell of cut grass The cries of birds that pass Scything overhead I love your bed My head Pillowed … Continue reading

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The beast chases.

Out on the desolate moor, John ran. The beast came out of the mist behind him in great, loping strides. Where it came from John’s panicked mind couldn’t fathom. Only that it had already claimed his wife. Her screams still … Continue reading

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The Writer and the Wolf

Marie and I are always quite active creatively, but sometimes we produce things that don’t fall into what this blog is about. Today a short called The Writer and the Wolf was published over at the Virulent Blurb website, which … Continue reading

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Departures (poem)

Stay your hand o clock Rush not dawn’s onset Let me linger in this twilight Wonderingly Enthralled by his sleeping smile The sweetness of his breath upon my lips Every curve perfection His beating heart finding an echo within mine … Continue reading

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Mordheim: Death on the Stir

I’ve been thinking all about Games Workshop’s old (and joint tied with Inquisitor and Necromunda for best) game Mordheim. Thinking of getting the old band back together, so I’ve come up with a short based in the setting. Young Thom … Continue reading

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Eloquence (poem)

Love lives in the silence of His eloquent expression Echoed within mine He smiles and I feel fire I smile and he glows   Marie & Reece

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The Chosen: Word Bearers part 7

Actual Chaos Space Marines being painted!

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Your line in the sand (poem)

I’m your line in the sand Your soft place to land Between the rock and the hard place You’ll find me Holding your hand I’m your port in any storm Keeping you warm Pouring oil on troubled waters Shining a … Continue reading

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