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​As I marvel at the Winter Triangle of stars The ruddy light of Betelgeuse shines redly As Procyon and Sirius cavort and leap.. The majesty and mystery an endless canopy Space dust..supernova and white giants Hurtling at unimaginable speeds Strange … Continue reading

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I Don’t Love You (poem)

For Reece,  my muse. ’nuff said. Marie   I love the colour blue But I don’t love you I love the smell of cut grass The cries of birds that pass Scything overhead I love your bed My head Pillowed … Continue reading

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It’s been a year

Just over a year ago, we started this blog. This wonderful, wonderful blog that has changed both of our lives. So from both Marie and me, have a wonderful year. Thank you to all of those who have looked at … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Your Companion

Only give me a Rose and I’ll be your Companion until The End Of The World… From Gallifrey to Journey’s End there’ll be no Parting Of The Ways for us, my dear. We’re playing The Long Game, I’m Only Human … Continue reading

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For A Girl On The Bus

I wrote this for a girl who was sitting behind me on the bus, sobbing into her phone and clearly in an abusive relationship. She was being made to feel bad about something which clearly was only a small part … Continue reading

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Landscapes (poem)

As your fingers play across the landscape of our bodies I become lost…. In hills and valleys, peaks and troughs concave and convex…… Candlelight caressingly cascading, spilling golden light and shadow in equal measure…. Smooth whiteness…. Blues… Yellow and darker … Continue reading

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Between The Lines (Poem)

It’s a divergence,  a parting of the ways It’s a convergence,  a new beginning The end of the dance An untrodden path It’s a blunt knife,  a bruise – Fresh snow creaking underfoot Gone until you poke it Cold air … Continue reading

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This is something I wrote when in a certain mood after breaking up with my partner recently. I may find an artist for it one day who I can pay for it. But if not, you lovely people get to … Continue reading

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