The Chosen: Word Bearers part 7


Actual Chaos Space Marines being painted!

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The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

The last true brothers of my host, the remnants of Squad Odibilis. They have been with me from the beginning, when I rose from a young Initiate in Kor Phaeron’s Legion to the supreme being I am today.  They have stood with me through all and have mastered the powers of the warp, bending them to their will where lesser warriors and legions have let it corrupt and change their armour. Perish the thought! 

It is their faith that has supported me through the years whilst their drive and zeal has been matched only by my own. Whilst others in my host shared their strength of character, they have not survived to see the earth of this world. Perhaps that speaks volumes of how they, and they alone, have managed to survive from the gates of The Palace to now.

Even now, Bearer Zelant keeps my standard held aloft, the only of his squad allowed to don the robes of our brotherhood. He keeps them spotless, even in battle.

My first Chaos Space Marine squad for the army. Only a few more models left to paint and they will be ready to support my cultists with some plasma guns. I wanted to get across the conflicted nature of the Word Bearers as a legion, namely they are religious zealots who none the less see themselves as above the Chaos Gods.


To this end, the ‘true’ members of my deacon’s host remain those least changed by the warp. But even then the corruption has crept it, as shown by the arm of the squad leader. You can’t resist Chaos forever…


Also, I really like the basic CSM kit from the early 2000’s. Far more than the Dark Vengeance models which are rumoured to be the new ‘look’ of the chaos space marine faction. I have enough of the old kits to make a few more squads, but I may have to look elsewhere if it is discontinued.

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I added a few bits of religious paraphernalia to the members of the squad. Things that I could see warrior monks being willing to carry in battle that wouldn’t slow them in their tasks that much. To invoke the templar nature of the Word Bearers I added a few extra bits from the Chaos Warrior boxed set to the squad as well.

I’m building another theme of an inner brotherhood to my host, with certain members being able to be identified by the garb they wear. My standard bearer for the unit (all the better to summon in daemonic allies) is one of them and it will be something I try to stick with as I build more units.

Comments and criticism welcome as always! Especially when it comes to the photography, which just seems to be a bit beyond me haha.

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