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Family are shit (deal with it)

Family are shit Now deal with it Doesn’t matter your thoughts of opinions (because that’s all they ever are) In the end they are family. Is that good? Bad? Just sort of sad? I have no idea – this is … Continue reading

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Body Art 2: Attack of the NSFW

Don’t look at this at work…because you boss will see me calling them a square. We got our willing volunteers together again to do some drawing on them, like we did previously. These photos contain naked flesh. We know that … Continue reading

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Painting beasts 

Just a few photos of fantasy models Marie painted. Hope you enjoy. Let us know below what your thoughts  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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Merry Christmas all

Its been a busy end of the year for us. Real life and other projects have taken their toll on this blog and we haven’t uploaded anything in a while. But we’re still here and this Christmas marks the first … Continue reading

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Worries (poem) 

I really wish I knew for sure What concerns people do adore,  That keep them wrapped inside their head  Until they may as well be dead.  Concerns are like people  So many which produce so little.  So like any chump … Continue reading

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Dog Soldiers and a Joker

I’m stuck in the middle with you. Sometimes we get asked to show off the more estoric parts of our collection of small toy soldiers.  So without further to do They were unearthed after a recent dig through some less … Continue reading

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Word Bearers: The Horde assembled!

Just a quick one,but here is what I’ve painted over the past few months.

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The Fallen: Word Bearers part 11

Blood for the Blood God!

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The beast chases.

Out on the desolate moor, John ran. The beast came out of the mist behind him in great, loping strides. Where it came from John’s panicked mind couldn’t fathom. Only that it had already claimed his wife. Her screams still … Continue reading

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Free to a good home: Cat Riders Sketch

Just a doodle that Marie did today. If anyone would like it, she’s happy to post it to them. Just comment below 🙂

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