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The Indian Tree (poem)

The Indian tree stood tall on the hill If lightning hadn’t struck  It’d stand there still. With rotted black heart And bleached white bones. Passing at night  Its shadow stretched dark As fingers of dread Clutch at my heart. Advertisements

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Imagination (poem)

A great imagination it’s a blessing it’s a curse If things are going well they could always turn for worse Faces at the window Rats under the bed Monsters in the closet Spiders overhead

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The longest walk

This is for all those people who like me currently, just can’t seem to sleep through the night. I really don’t know why, but it’s so frustrating and I hadn’t realised before just how much we take a good night’s … Continue reading

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Softly whispering to me, the moon calls. She sends light into the darkness, confounding with the solitude: Driving away and yet creating deeper shadows.   Wide-eyed, ¬†she lusts for fear, the child of night.   Across the meadow, My eyes … Continue reading

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