Family are shit (deal with it)

Family are shit
Now deal with it

Doesn’t matter your thoughts of opinions
(because that’s all they ever are)
In the end they are family.

Is that good? Bad?
Just sort of sad?
I have no idea – this is as it comes to me.

They say blood is thicker than water
But sometimes you just want to drown a fucker

Not their fault, but familiarity breeds contempt

As well as anything can

You may love your family
Now don’t think I don’t
I tried to think up a rhyme but like putting up with them
I won’t

Shit, now I’ve done it and before you forgive it


That this is so terrible
I could be a white rapper

Trying to keep my flows
And ending up talking about hoes

Does anyone still do that is 2017?
Or has myogeny mutated into something more mainstream?

Now I’ve gotten off track in this freewheeling poem
Whose origin owes to a simple observation

Be blood thicker than water or you just cast off at sea
In the end you choose your family
It’s your choice and thems the breaks

This ain’t ever gonna be a hit

But like the turning of the Sun

Family are shit.

(deal with it)


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