I’ll Be Your Companion

Only give me a Rose and I’ll be your Companion until The End Of The World…

From Gallifrey to Journey’s End there’ll be no Parting Of The Ways for us, my dear.

We’re playing The Long Game, I’m Only Human and we’re all Prisoners of Time

But I’m looking into the Windows of Tomorrow and seeing you, only, you…


When Summer Falls I’ll hold you close through The Oncoming Storm

No Hungry Night or Unquiet Dead will Steal Your Dreams – I’ll always be here

Through World War Three or Aliens In London, undeterred I’ll protect you

Sonic Screwdriver in hand as The Doctor Dances in my arms…it’s fantastic!


Holding your hand I can feel the turning of the earth…

So don’t let go, let’s reach out and touch the stars









About Marie

An eccentric & quirky artist and writer who fills her time between fantasy roleplaying sessions with painting, writing and playing her guitar (rather badly). Usually to be found with paint-stained fingers surrounded by books and tubes of acrylic paint.
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