The Fallen: Word Bearers part 11


Blood for the Blood God!

The last post is here.

The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

There have been rumblings in my small court. The more…debased members of my warband have begun to grow feral as their desire for bloodletting grows. Squad Masticatorus led by Sargent Carne have been sated these past few years, thanks to a steady supply of opponents worthy of them and my curiosity in seeing how far they will take their heretical notions.

Though now I wonder if supporting them chasing of the Winds of Rage will have a good end for me. Some members have ‘acquired’ weaponry more associated with the Seventh Legion and the reshaping of their helms to closely resemble them worries me.


Worst of all however is the open display of the Brass God’s sigil and the daubing of white paint over bare flesh, which squad members see as wards against magic.


Quite how brothers who once conquered the galaxy at my side can now fall to base superstitions and cult worship is beyond me. To surrender your will to one of the four powers is worse than death itself in my mind, doomed to a malady that reduces ones thoughts to those just above the level of animals. Were they not my brothers, I would count them as worse than the human scum I am forced to consort with.

Still, Squad Masticatorus have broken whole worlds on their own. If I can use find a use for them on this planet, then the Legion will be more understanding of any unfortunate accidents that befall them upon my return.

Some may even appreciate the irony of me appropriating The Betrayers’ modus operandi to dispose of those who would follow him…

Khorne! Blood! Skulls! Flippin’ big chain axes! I’ve always had a soft spot for the god of war in the 40k universe so I knew I wanted to have a unit in my army that had fallen to his worship, even if in more subtle ways that outright just repainting the Khorne Bezerker kit to fit my theme.

Plus, it gave me a chance to include some zerker legs in my force. Which, if I’m not mistaken are one of the few CSM models that are actually depicted as running.

Anyway, I wanted to again use lots more subtle details than just whopping some helms on the model and calling it a day. A few big tells for someone casually looking are the chain axe and the banner.

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But as you can see above, I added a few smaller details, like meat hooks, carving knives and appropriate mutations to suit the more bestial nature of Khorne aligned units.

In game they will count as a Khorne Bezerker squad.

I’m not sure where to go next with things. I want to finish off my two HQ choices and bulk out the troops more. Any ideas after that?

As always, comments and criticism is much appreciated 🙂

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