New recruits: Word Bearers part 10


Yes, I finally painted some old men and robes.

The last part is here.

From the roots of old grow fresh saplings. Water them well and a steady flow of corruption that maintains itself will be your reward – Book of Erebus, 5:16

In my glorious rise there have been moments of joy and utter despair. The 50 year raid of Vescica Pisciare. The lows of the swamps of Feee’ Kaaaal’s daemon infested swamps. Yet nothing has quite been the same as Lero, with it’s twin moons Morn and Ster.

The discovery of a biofactorium inside the facilities once protected by my new Ogryn subjects has delighted my Seer, who has been steadily fleshmelding some of my better human pets into marines, to support my growing ranks.

It is messy, sloppy work and I am having to increase raids of settlements to acquire the raw materials needed. It also potentially brings greater attention upon me. But it is worth it. Squad Odibilis stands at full strength for the first time in 300 years, it’s banner flying proud in the wind.


The new recruits are raw and will need to be trained and given rapid discipline. The fleshsculpting has left many deficient and prone to violent rages. I will see what they weather like under the tutelage of the Old Man.


If they fail his rigorous standards they will be left to their own devices with the less pure of my brothers. For now though, I have a steady stream of warriors who I will be able to use to retake this world.

I finally have a full 10 men squad of Chaos Space Marines. Praise the Gods of durable paintbrushes and redbull!* It’s nice to finally have some sort of power armoured contingent to my force, especially when they are packing plasma weaponry. The model for my ‘Old Man’ of the force is an old rogue trader era marine which I got off ebay a few years back.

Sure he’s a little crunky compared to modern GW sculpts, but I think it’s nice to show the legacy of a legion that dates back almost 10,000 years by having models from different eras. Plus, that model is pretty cool, with a scowling face and a greaser haircut. Perfect for an arrogant marine that has survived thousands of years lugging around a weapon likely to blow up in his face!

The plasma gun coils were a simple drybrush of Ultramarines Blue over a Chaos Black undercoat, which was then given a once over with Flesh Wash.

Next time, you’ll see some of the more afflicted members of my force. They fell to the lure of Chaos and gave my Deacon a sad.

As always, comments and criticisms are welcome 🙂

*Gods are having to get real niche these days.

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