The Mighty Fall: Word Bearers part 9


The last post is here.

Today the galaxy became a brighter place, as one man of faith realised the errors of his false beliefs and came to see things as they are. The man who called himself a mouthpiece for the False Emperor dragged himself mewling into our camp, begging and crying to be released from the dreams that haunt him.

I, in my pose as prophet and saviour to a planet of fools, of course welcomed him. I gave him to my followers to be re-educated. I have hope his eyes will be opened and mind humbled to a galaxy of Chaos. After that, he will make a fitting pet for my sorcerer. With a few adjustments.

In the meantime I have access to a disposable group of subhumans perfect for shock troopers, who also know how to operate a manufactorium. Not only am I one step closer to getting off this miserable rock if I so choose, but a discovery has meant I will be able to replenish my ranks a lot quicker than I had ever imagined.

Perhaps something is of value on this rock after all…

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Finally finished the Ogryns! They’re looking a lot brighter now thanks to some vallejo paint applied to the work masks. Oddly, it’s meant to be the non-GW equivalent of the Scab Red I used on the plates…

I also purchased a few models from Heresy miniatures to fill out the hole in my force, a Sorcerer. I think our priest will make a great thrall for him to help boost him psychic potential. Now, to give him a mark of Slaanesh or Nurgle? Both come with rather good powers, so it would be a shame to not take advantage of them.

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2 Responses to The Mighty Fall: Word Bearers part 9

  1. Marie says:

    These look brilliant and you’ve done a great job with the paint. Great to be able to zoom in on the pics so you can see that great detail work. Good stuff.


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