Word Bearers part 8: Dream Warriors


Arch Deacon by Nicholas Kay

A short reprieve…

The last post is here.

The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

I am gripped by the Winds of Rage. Even now, I feel the Blood God attempting to usurp my will as he has the remnants of Squad Odysseus. All over the refusal of a band of subhumans and one lone man!

Those around the camp are whispering dissent when they think I do not hear them. My champions are conspiring to overthrow me now they see my weakness. Ha. All is as it should be. Any who doubt me will be proven wrong

I have been conversing with my pet scryer. He assures me that the priest has his foibles… in particular his visions of the Corpse God. Perhaps it is time to delve deep into them. Make him more… agreeable…
Just a quick update as I finish things. The orgryns have had a bit of a work over which has worked and I’ve even found a suitable model for the priest to lead the squad of spawn (in game terms he won’t count for much, but he will make them stand out).

Just lots of different models in general I’m tidying up. Squad Odibilis is nearly at full strength and my second squad of marines is on the way along with more cultists.

Almost time to start gaming with them!

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