Penance: Word Bearers part 6


Some work in progress pics and a question to ask…

The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

“The bold strike a take what is rightfully theirs in a galaxy of chaos. But the overconfident warrior will expose their throat, ripe to be torn out by a more cautious one”The Book of Lorgar

There are days when I must remind myself of this key quote. My plans for this planet have been proceeding unchecked, in part due to my care not to attract the attention of the planetary PDF as well as my area of landing being filled with pathetic specimens of humanity.

As The Word spreads out into the lower parts of the hive and my reach extends, opportunities present themselves. Such as the¬†biomanufactorium crewed exclusively by the abhuman species of Ogryns. Such simple creatures I thought easy to turn into pawns, especially when they are left to their own devices by overlords too feeble in sight to understand what a prize such a place is…

Yet the laughter of the gods filled my ears. My human thralls were first rebuffed when they approached preaching wisdom, then finally broken and driven from the site by ogryns lead by a lone human when more forceful attempts were made. A lone man of faith at that!

It took every part of my will to not only kill the entire party who returned, but not storm the plant with my chosen and slaughter the inhabitants. But no, I cannot afford to play my hand so openly at this point. I have been given a lesson by the universe. I must heed it.

Besides, there is more than one way to accomplish a task. Perhaps I will even have my revenge on the corpse gods’ follower…

Sometimes, something creative reflects life. I’ve been having a bit of trouble finishing my forgeworld Ogryns models that will count as Chaos Spawn in my games. Something just feels like it needs to be added. Marie and I have discussed this and we think it’s the hoods of the models and the need to lighten a few patches of the model – what do people think of that?

So my frustrations ended up being reflected in my Arch Deacon’s world too :p

Could anything else be improved? I’ll post a few more close up pictures for people to look at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Comments especially welcomed on this one!

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8 Responses to Penance: Word Bearers part 6

  1. emperorstarot says:

    I love it. Makes my paint jobs look terrible.


    • reecemjones says:

      Thanks for the compliment, that means a lot. Do you have any photos of your own stuff?


      • The Emperor's Tarot says:

        I plan to post a lot of WIP articles, some of it my own, but I plan on mainly doing articles on local articles and showcasing some of their work. Ha, some of the stuff I’ve seen them do just blows me out of the water.


      • reecemjones says:

        Oh I know. It really is amazing some of the skill painters have. Have a friend who was a golden daemon finalist this year and just before the event dropped his model. The patch job he made in less than an hour would take me weeks haha!

        So many great hobbyists in the world.


      • The Emperor's Tarot says:

        My painting expertise pretty much boils down to either using huge amounts of shader to make a model look good from afar, or just being lazy and using the dip method. The dip method is like magic.


      • reecemjones says:

        Haha. Never tried it, but I’m always tempted when I’m on my 30th cultist.


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