The Unexpected; Word Bearers part 6


One last section on my cultists and their unusual secondary leader before I move onto something new.

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The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

I believe in fate. But I also believe it every persons duty to forge their own, imposing their will on the universe so it bends to it. So speaks the Book of Lorgar. Sometimes that comes from unexpected avenues.

Yesterday, as I led my congregation on a raid to weed out the weak from the strong and gather more slaves. We expected no resistance – the other denizens of the area are pathetic in their meekness. Yet as we descended upon the shanty town a diminutive group of mutants emerged from nowhere and began to slay some those following me.

This ancestress was soon crushed as I entered the fray and gathered my scattered band to me. My maul accounted for a dozen mutants alone. Yet despite all this, one of them remained, evading clumsy blows delivered by my followers. It leapt for my face and I caught it, holding it aloft. Even facing death it refused to back down, cursing and attempting to hurt me.


How amusing, that the only being to deliver any form of resistance on this planet was a being this small! I killed the rest of them to break its will and left him with Daemyn to be teach him The Truth.

Now he leads his own squad, a sign to the others that I am a generous master who respects strength. 

Pleasingly, in the absence of troopers trained heavy weapon use some of my warriors have decided to mingle with the human filth. This has whipped the cults into a fervour. They are more loyal than even before, even if the rate of mortality has risen during sparring sessions.

I’ve always loved the ideas and model of Snotlings from the Warhammer world – little balls of fury weedier than even goblins. So when I get the chance to include one in my armies, I do.

So I thought it would be fun to add him in as a somewhat different Cultist leader that will make his squad stand out. I painted him in the usual way to my cultists. His skin is a mix of Snot Green and Scaly Green

Next: something a bit different.

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2 Responses to The Unexpected; Word Bearers part 6

  1. Marie says:

    Excellent. I love the idea of having something different and unexpected. More posts to come, I hope?

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