The Faithful, Word Bearers part 5


This time, focusing on some of characterful models in my cultist units.

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The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

I’ve see steady progress amongst those we took. Those selected for the work crews have set to clearing an area worthy of me any my Host, whilst those deemed worthy to be my vassals have shown potential. In particular, three stand out. I call these pets of mine ‘The Faithful’. They have impressed me more than the others, all of which represent the dross of humanity. These others are motivated by petty jealousies or desires, not realising it is humanities’ true destiny to submit and die at the whims of The Chaos Gods (though more directly me).

Perhaps if I scatter my pets amongst the others, they will all soon reflect the piety I expect of my subjects.

A Cultist Leader

Though blinded in the initial attack on his settlement, this human has shown remarkable resilience and zeal. So much that I instructed one of my Host to give their hand axe to him, which when commanded, was used to butcher his immediate family.It now flickers faintly at night as minor warp spirits gather around an icon of betrayal. For this, I game him a name. The only one to be gifted to my subjects: Daemyn.  

I have tasked him with whipping the rest of his squad into shape. It will be the blind leading the blind. This amuses me greatly. 


Some of his fellow believers

These two are like loyal guard dogs to the Daemyn. When the preaches the either sway along, or else wander the group, beating those who are not pious enough.

In raids they are constantly by his side, protecting him and killing those who stand in their way. One even dared to bar my way. I broke his arms and had his brothers bind him in stocks which he now rushes headlong into battle with. Let that be a lesson to all those who oppose the will of Lorgar of which I am his voice on this heathen world.

Theme wise, I wanted my cultists to have true zealots in them, which after seeing the destruction even a small number of Chaos Space Marines can cause, dedicated themselves entirely to their new lives. More than any of the other cultists (who are a mix of opportunists and true believers), they have dyed their clothes to match their masters’ appearance.

They are scattered through the two squads of 10 cultists to show a bit of a difference – its amazing how flexible the GW Flagellant kit is! I have a few more to add to future cultist groups as well so it will be a consistent theme – I just need to rebase them first.

See you soon. As always, comments and criticism is welcome 🙂

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  1. Marie says:

    Great again, sitting on a wall in the sunshine reading this. Looking forward to more posts.

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