Dire Wolf Model (undead)

So, continuing in the painting vein although for those of you who look in for my poetry, more of that tonight, as well. Keep an eye out.

Here’s my take on a dire wolf, its undead so I figured, gangrenous, rotting flesh. I’ve not based it yet, but I shall do in the next few days hopefully. I will start to use my camera to take these pics soon I promise, so that we get better pics and more true colours.  Any comments, constructive criticisms or thoughts always welcome as always. Also, a bit of flavour text to go with, to continue in the same vein:

He stood paralysed with terror at the sight of the wolf. It was huge and like nothing he’d ever seen before. Easily twice the size of other wolves and ten times as ugly. As it crouched and sprang he was aware of the rotten stench of it, the strips of flesh hanging loose and the vacant milky eye socket…. snapping himself out of his trance, he drew his sword and prepared to defend himself.



About Marie

An eccentric & quirky artist and writer who fills her time between fantasy roleplaying sessions with painting, writing and playing her guitar (rather badly). Usually to be found with paint-stained fingers surrounded by books and tubes of acrylic paint.
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