Rise of The Truth, Word Bearers part 4


Last time I set myself a goal. Now to see the results…

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The Diary of Arch Deacon Odiosara Verita

30 Days I’ve been on this planet. 30 days of hell, being forced to hide and lick my wounds like some cur. My glorious Host has been reduced to a mere handful of warriors. The ship I came to this on planet is all but inoperable. Even worse, we are in the midst of one of the most pious sectors I have ever been to. It makes me sick.

Still…this planet holds potential. A factory world plundered for millennia by the lackeys of the False Emperor, those not in power or whipped into ignorance live in desolate squalor. Their is real anger here. I can work with this.

Yesterday alone we gathered a handful of faithful souls when we raided a settlement for slaves to tend to our needs. Those not killed or set to rout fell to their knees in adoration – the benefit of keeping your subjects ignorant and faithful is that they will heap adoration upon anyone of power that comes their way. Many have begun to dye their clothing to match the armour of the warriors in my blessed Host.

A handful of them may even be worth using as proxies of my will…



A big old squad of 20 cultists ready to be depolyed. 20 down, only about 40 more to go 😀

Paint scheme wise I wanted to keep it simple and be in line with my Chaos Space Marines, with one paint colour added to make them distinctive. I chose Codex Grey as a base for them to represent the worn down clothing of a hive world worker. They added some Scab Red to clothing and weaponry to mirror the rest of my force.

Elf Flesh was used for the skin and scatterings of Scorched Brown for pouches or parchment that would be highlighted the a lighter colour with Bleached Bone.

A wash of Flesh Wash was then applied to the whole model to blend it all together and add some grime- the aren’t people obsessed with cleanliness after all! After that, it was some Skull White over the parchments and skulls – drybrushed on the skulls to make them look different enough. I them went over the models and picked over a few details on the models – usually piping and tubes with the off mohawk – with vibrant colours like Snot Green and Ultramarine Blue. I like how they make the models look just a little bit different with not much effort required on my part.

I’ll go into detail on a few characterful models over the next few days as I finish them.

Game wise, these units will either be one big unit of 20 or two smaller ones of 10 each. Cultists are cheap and meant to be disposed of when needed! If nothing else, they will make a great bodyguard for my Deacon.

Anyway, see you soon!

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3 Responses to Rise of The Truth, Word Bearers part 4

  1. Marie says:

    Great! Really enjoying this…. and impressed by your motivation….

    Liked by 1 person

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