The rise of The Truth; Word Bearers part 3


Time for something different.

As gaps have grown between my painting project , I’ve realised part of what keeps me held back, other than my lack of motivation – the lack of carrot. As my self imposed limit of not going onto building anything new until I’ve painted the old wasn’t enough – I’ve added the carrot of writing background for everything. I will keep me happy, even if it doesn’t anyone else 😉

It will keep me thinking about stuff whilst I paint it and make me plan more too. In fact, I’ve been very busy relatively to me!

Anyway, yes, background. My Word Bearer force will be one that has fled a recent warzone and had to put down, rather bumpily, on a hive world run down after years of exploitation by the Imperium. Ripe pickings for a Deacon to convert others to the Truth and a great way for him to get parts to repair his ship and get off planet sharpish…

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2 Responses to The rise of The Truth; Word Bearers part 3

  1. Marie says:

    Looking great and I like the way you create background for them. Also, interesting about the idea of needing a carrot for motivation. Useful to know 😉

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