Kill your neighbours!


Fun for all the family!

Marie’s lovely bit of flavour text the other day had me thinking…why not create a game around such a concept. A fun cardgame at that!

Keeping a fun 50’s kitsch to stop it being too morbid, the idea would be to create a deck building game where you dispatch other players families before moving onto the player themselves (the player can choose which family member they are -keep it a secret for surprises or just have all the other members have to be killed first?).

Drawing from a deck, players would have to put together traps of various points of star ratings to be able to dispatch each member of the family, whilst players build a list of counters to keep their family (and themselves!) alive.

What do people think? I’ll tinker with the rules between other things, but for now, would you buy it?

Featured image from Lady Killer #1 from Dark Horse. Art by Joëlle Jones


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One Response to Kill your neighbours!

  1. Marie says:

    Great plan, love the idea…. Let’s do it!


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