A year of painting like this…

It’s nearly been a year for this blog now and so much has happened.  What started as a fun idea has led to so much for us.

To celebrate it, we’ve both made a short post about what has changed.

Marie: A year ago I was full of procrastination, having ideas for projects and dabbling but not really getting off the ground with anything. Not motivated enough. Personally, I wasn’t at all happy either and that negative energy just sapped my desire to do anything creative.

What started out as a bit of a fun idea of a blog has grown and grown. It’s changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. My skills in both writing and art have improved and I’m getting more done then ever before. My personal life has been transformed completely by my relationship with Reece and I never imagined life could be this great!

So, thanks to Reece for coming up with the idea in the first place. It’s wonderful having such an amazing partner who makes me so happy personally and with whom I can enjoy collaborating on our many projects. Here’s to many more years ahead of us!

Reece: A year ago, I was at a low in every way. A few years’ worth of work had come crashing down, my personal life had fallen apart. I was generally directionless and burnt out.

Now whilst the directionless may not have changed too much haha, this year has found me reinvigorated creatively. From my own small contributions to this blog in amongst Marie’s art, our project Opal City Insider and other collaborative works, it’s been great.

There’s also been my personal life – I’m happier now than I have been in years and it’s thanks to Marie. None of this would have been possible without Twitter or this blog. Soon to include some actual painting from me!


And thanks to Anna for coming up with this idea too. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared out posts, or who just took the time to look at the site. Thanks to the small fanbase we have. Here’s to years more of Don’t Paint Like This!

About Marie

An eccentric & quirky artist and writer who fills her time between fantasy roleplaying sessions with painting, writing and playing her guitar (rather badly). Usually to be found with paint-stained fingers surrounded by books and tubes of acrylic paint.
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