The unicorn (poem)

The unicorn, she heard his song, it told of deeds both brave and strong

It chased the forest gloom away and stopped the squirrels in their play

Though wild and free and never tamed it gave her feelings yet unnamed

So soft she trod she made no sound,  on rotted bark and loamy ground.

Until at last she reached the glade and paused to stand in leafy shade

And gaze on him whose call she’d heard and yet he’d uttered not a word.

She saw his eyes upon her roam and felt it deep within her bones

Her heart did pound and yet she stilled as held there fixed against her will.

She gave a toss of head and horn,  desired to flee her spirit torn

For no man’s hand had ever caged the passion that within her raged.

And still he stood within the stream and gazed at her as in a dream

The moonlight touched his naked flanks and shone like silver on the banks

Where tiny flowers bloomed and grew and stepping closer,  on she drew.

Her horn was pearl,  her sides were white,  her hooves were polished black as night

And in her eyes her soul laid bare,  he gasped at what he saw in there.

Still closer,  closer,  on she drew as both her fear and passion grew

Enchanted by his naked form so spellbound was the unicorn

That soon she stood upon the bank and to her knees she slowly sank.

With outstretched trembling hand he leaned as in his eyes shared passion gleamed

He touched her with such tender care,  emotion crackled in the air

Her velvet nose and silky mane,  so gleaming white without a stain

She laid her head within his lap,  no fear no thought of any trap.

And on the moon it’s journey sped and when they woke the night had fled.

But with the dawn an awesome sight,  no man was there within its light

On the grass and wet with dew,  where she was lain there now were two.

She,  so dainty sleek and lean and he the colour of palest cream

Now through the forest paths they tread but he now leads and she is lead

Still wild,  still free,  but now complete,  no need or want she is replete

And when the moonlight fills the sky you’ll clearly hear their mating cries

The air will ring with joy and love and echo up to far above.



About Marie

An eccentric & quirky artist and writer who fills her time between fantasy roleplaying sessions with painting, writing and playing her guitar (rather badly). Usually to be found with paint-stained fingers surrounded by books and tubes of acrylic paint.
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