Inspiring others

Hi everyone, Reece here. I’m fully aware that at the best of times, I can’t compete with the level and quality of what Marie does on this blog. But recent personal circumstances also mean I’ve had health issues I’ve had to manage, which have sapped my creativity completely.

I’ve been getting out and about and taking some photos that will serve as inspiration when I’m back up to full strength. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

WP_20151031_030WP_20151107_001WP_20151031_034WP_20151017_007WP_20151018_001  WP_20151031_033 WP_20151107_002 WP_20151107_003 WP_20151107_004 WP_20151107_005 WP_20151031_019

If anyone knows these locations already – post in the comments below. I very much enjoyed climbing one the them and walking around the other. Here’s a clue. The location I climbed is the highest in Worcestershire, whilst the other location is in Devon!

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One Response to Inspiring others

  1. Marie says:

    Thanks Reece, that’s very flattering. Hope you get well soon as I do love seeing your contributions. 🙂 I like your interesting pics


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