Don’t Paint Like This!: Word Bearers part 2

Ok. Painted miniatures time! Apologies for the poor quality pictures last time, I hadn’t yet figured out how my phone camera works. These are slightly higher quality.

Painted models Oh My! (3) Painted models Oh My! (1)

I’m using the old GW paints, several paint ranges ago to be honest . The first stage I used Scab Red all over for a bit of a lighter tone, then put Scorched Brown on the banners, skulls, mutations and scrolly bits, ready for dry brushing and highlighting later on. Then Boltgun Metal on the metal bits.

Painted models Oh My! (8) Painted models Oh My! (7) Painted models Oh My! (6)Painted models Oh My! (2)

Then following that up I put some Bleached on the scrolly bits. When that dried I put a wash of Brown Ink all over. After that dries I Intend to use a Red Ink Wash or two to make the give the red bits more oomph and Mithril Silver over Boltgun Metal parts of the armour and power weapon. Haven’t yet decided how to finish off the skulls or even how to do the banner for the champion. Any ideas?

As usual, and comments, criticisms or tips are appreciated.

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3 Responses to Don’t Paint Like This!: Word Bearers part 2

  1. Marie says:

    I like these! I don’t even know what word bearers are so can’t really comment other than from an aesthetic point of view? Are you going to write any runes etc on the scroll? I do like the colours you’ve chosen. My acrylic paints are a mix of gw, citadel and normal acrylic paints that I use as an artist.


    • reecemjones says:

      Thanks Marie. Well I can find some info on the Word Bearers if you want. I’ll be writing a few short fluff pieces for them anyway, so I’ll have to dig it out anyway. The Word Bearers are more nihilistic religious fanatics than sorcerers, so I may just add some scripture if I can find a brush fine enough :).

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