Don’t Paint Like This!: Word Bearers part 1

Assembling the hordes

It’s been so long since this blog lived up to it’s name (though my blog partner has been knocking it out of the part art wise anyway) that I finally decided to show some painting! Sort of.In keeping with the theme established last time, I’ve introduced a rule to encourage a bit of variety and also keep my attention.

Another thing – I’ll be making models that look good. I haven’t read this edition of the 40k rules, so I’ve no idea if what I create is powerful or not.

Ok, so here’s my rule: After the initial run of marine making, whenever I need to buy new stuff, the entire set of sprues will go straight into my bits box, which will force me to make odd combinations and stop me from making ‘standard’ CSMs. As I’ve managed to get together a small collection of the metal Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds from the 3.5 edition of the CSM Codex era, I’m looking forward to allying in some demons to make it a proper WB force!

Below are some of the first results of units I made by repurposing what was in my bits box. My collection is quite extensive, so expect to see a few oldies in there, that will be added to once I’ve gotten super glue to put together the metal parts.

Squad A. Mainly bolter armed marines with some plasma guns to lay on the hurt when they get in close.
Shooty squad 1 (1) Shooty squad 1 (2) Shooty squad 1 (3) Shooty squad 1 (4) Shooty squad 1 (5) Shooty squad 1 (6)

As you can see from the shots of the squad as a while,  I’ve chosen to go with Chaos Warrior helmets from WFB ones where possible, to place emphasis the ‘corrupted/dark knight’ nature of the Word Bearers.

The guy with the tentacle will probably be the Champion as he’s easily identifiable and can represent any bonus quite well.

My next squad is close combat focused, but I haven’t gotten very far at all with these guys. Reinforcements will be heading their way either this month or next.

Close Combat squad (1) Close Combat squad (2) Close Combat squad (3) Close Combat squad (4) Close Combat squad (5)

I’ve tried to keep the theme here, and with the Champion, given him a nice totem pole I stole from a CSM tank sprue and a power sword so he can get chopping in challenges.

Then, last of all some cultists!  These guys will be a more long term project as I suck at doing large numbers of models all in one go without losing enthusiasm. Whilst some of the models are from the new starter box that I got from an internet trade, most of them have been ‘borrowed’ from my traitor guard force, where I was using them as conscripts.

Most of them have all been lovingly kitbashed, with the exception of a few Knoblers, which were just too awesome not to base up and include. They have been separated into one squad of shooting guys and one squad of ccw and pistols, through its hard to see from the shot I have included here.


Anyway, here are some unpainted models to get the glands drooling. Next time: painted models.

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One Response to Don’t Paint Like This!: Word Bearers part 1

  1. Marie says:

    Great to see and I like the idea of mixing to make non standard models.

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