Unboxing my terrain.

It’s been a while, as my camera (read: my phone) has been playing up a bit. But I finally took a few pictures of the different types of terrain I have at the moment. Next up, I’ll be including a few more detailed shots of my Tau and Dark Eldar models as people have requested it.

Then onto the actual painting!


Some shots of the two sets of resin Concrete Bollards from The Square. Irritatingly, their website doesn’t sell them.


I’m thinking they will be great for either a coastal or a city themed board. Which brings me onto a long term project of mine…


Yeah, I bought one of these. Back when it was just about worth it! City board it is then 🙂


I also unboxed teh sexy. Because I’m generous like that.


Some barrels, also from The Square. Perfect size for 20 -25 mm gaming.

That’s it for now. I need to get on with planning some projects. See you soon.

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