Ode To A Pillow (poem)

O pillow why are you so flat?

You’re much more suited to a mat

No matter how I fluff and plump

You’re thin and hard and full of lumps

I’d dearly love a good night’s sleep

Drifting off whilst counting sheep

Instead,  I’m just a tired wreck

With baggy eyes and crooked neck


About Marie

An eccentric & quirky artist and writer who fills her time between fantasy roleplaying sessions with painting, writing and playing her guitar (rather badly). Usually to be found with paint-stained fingers surrounded by books and tubes of acrylic paint.
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2 Responses to Ode To A Pillow (poem)

  1. Pat says:

    Worth buying ikea or ones that are a bit more expensive but replump. Silent night are good too.

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  2. Marie says:

    Now I know where my better half gets his sense of humour 🙂


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